Matthew Nichols

-Educator - Innovator - Problem Finder - Catalyst - Multiplier-

I believe education is a key to unlock limitless possibilities. Education should be fun, engaging, and empowering.

I believe a 21st-century education should develop and hone skills that will catapult students into an unknown future fully prepared to take on societal and workplace challenges.

My mission is to prepare and nurture curious, adaptive, and creative thinkers to contribute to a rapidly changing world.

My goal is to be innovative while leaning on proven best practices. I want to equip teachers and students using the most relevant methods to empower, lead to growth, and impact the community.

Baylor Bear to Red Raider

Currently, I am in the middle of writing my dissertation. I plan on defending my proposal in November and beginning my study this spring. My dissertation is focused on freshman success in their and interventions that keep them on track in their first year of high school.

In K-12 education, freshmen have the highest retention rate by far compared to previous grades. My study will look at practical interventions to help them stay on track with their high school cohort.